Development Changelog

The changelog is subjected to contious changes

Changelog [April 4, 2024]


ReClone ATS – Arial Transport System

  • Added arial transport system that can carry players across wast distances
    • Fully autonomous transport system that travel between destinations on a set time intervall
    • Added view screen inside to keep a track of travel status and surroundings
    • Tweaked view distance and rendering performance
    • Added audio SFX on the various moving parts:
      • Cargo platform retract/deploy SFX
      • Engine rotation SFX
      • Engine Ignition Booster SFX
      • Engine idle/travel SFX
      • Ship Landing and Engine shutdown SFX


Portable Light

  • Added a new tool to brighten your day(night)
    • Will be added to crafting system as craftable item



  • Added customizable elevator to fit most situations
  • Added patrolling NPC to keep order in towns and outposts
  • Added credit cost for using ReClone Transport Services

Changelog [March 22, 2024]


ReClone PCS – Personal Crafting System (Workbench)

  • Tweaked system and added extra visuals for weapons repair status
  • Added a workbench 3D model with props


  • Fixed alot of replication bugs and redesigned almost everything
    • Metal Fragments must be harvested with a Cutting Tool
    • The following resources can be picked directly up:
      • Credits
      • Microchips
      • Processors
      • Wires
  • Added Animations, SFX and VFX on pickup


Storage Crate

  • Added a storage crate transfer resources
    • Ability to transfer both ways between inventory and storage crate
    • Ability to transfer specific amounts and also transfer all at once
    • Provides security in case of death!

Medical Terminal

  • Added a simple medical terminal to restore health
    • Free of charge right now, but will cost credits later
    • Will be adding UI and more options such as:
      • Restoring health
      • Buying health articles
      • Treat wounds


System Overview

  • Added UI for showing all player stats combined in one UI. (Will replace Resource Info UI)
    • Player Stats
    • Resource Stats
    • Weapon Stats
    • + more to be added later



  • Added nameplates wich includes:
    • Player name
    • Player level
    • Healthbar
    • PVP notification (Shows a red [PvP] tag when in PVP areas)
    • Added fade in/out on nameplate at around 10 meters
    • Attached nameplate to player mesh to get a more dynamic feel
  • Fixed footstep positional SFX issues
  • Fixed weapon fire VFX and SFX issues
  • + Fixed a bunch of bugs and added improvements

Enemy AI

  • Added SFX and more Animations
    • Directional Weapon fire
    • Directional Footstep SFX
    • Hit animations
  • Added loot drop on AI
    • Drops random amounts of resources in a crate
  • Added more code to improve AI response
  • Added AI Nameplate with enemy name, level and healthbar
    • Nameplate only visible when engaged in combat

Changelog [March 18, 2024]


ReClone PCS – Personal Crafting System (IN PROGRESS)

  • Added option to craft pistol
    • Added option to repair Pistol
  • Added option to craft Rfile
    • Added option to repair Rifle
  • Added option to craft Cutter Tool
  • Added option to craft Hacking Tool


World Objects

  • Added doors that needs to be hacked with Hacking Tool to unlock
    • Once unlocked it will stay unlocked for all connected clients


Enemy AI

  • Added basic Enemy AI (IN PROGRESS)
    • Added Patrol states
    • Added Combat States

Changelog [March 12, 2024]


  • Working on PCS – Personal Crafting System (IN PROGRESS)
    • Developing options to craft weapons and tools
    • Developing options to repair equipment


  • Added UI animations for item and tools interactions
  • Adjusted UI animations for workbench and transport systems

Changelog [February 21, 2024]


  • Fixed some bugs regarding ability to fire weapons without having the required energy levels



  • Added fix to prevent issues when opening/closing EMS too fast
  • TODO:
    • Add Cutter and Hacking Tools to EMS
    • Reconsider the EMS design
      • DONE! Redesigned system.

Transport / Respawn Systems

  • Added Transport and Respawn terminals to Desert, Frost, Scourge and Forest zones.
  • TODO:
    • Add travel cost for transport services


  • Started building the main world map
    • Working on the player start area
    • The world have 5 primary zones
      • Desert zone
      • Frost zone
      • Scourge zone
      • Forest zone
      • PVP zone


  • Fixed various issues with replication, animation and resource pickups
  • Added models for remaining resources
    • Credit chips
    • Microchips
    • Processor components
    • Wires


  • Tweaked the server level-streaming settings
  • Tweaked various network rates and settings

Changelog [February 18, 2024]


Transport Systems

Working on a Transport Terminal System

  • Transport destination must be discovered first
  • Transport will work anywhere in the world
  • Transport will have a credit fee

System messages

  • Added notification system that will display messsages to players
    • Displayed when entering / Leaving PVP zones
    • Displayed when weapons breaks and need repair
    • Events
    • etc, etc..


Added PVP Zone system

  • Added PVP system that will only allow PVP at predefined areas
    • Can change location, PVP area size and duration dynamically in realtime

Added a working Condition system

  • Weapon condition will deteriorate from use
    • When reaching 0% condition the weapon will break, longer function and needs to be repaired

Changelog [February 17, 2024]


Loot Drop

  • Fixed most bugs regarding duplication and collision.

Changelog [February 16, 2024]


PRS – Player Respawn System

  • PRS now shows a list of neraby Respawn Terminals wich include:
    • Repawn Terminal name
    • Respawn Terminal Location
    • Respawn Terminal Distance in meters from location of death
    • Respawn Button


Loot Drop

  • Working on bugfixing for several issues regarding loot drop from other players
    • Issue with duplicate loot drops
    • Issue with setting owner (Player who dropped it)
    • Issue with collision behaviour when any player approach the dropped loot


  • Looking into a few bugs regarding loot box collisions and registration
    • Most likely related to the above issues with collision

Changelog [February 15, 2024]


  • Added code for hit detection and damage dealing to other players
    • Damage based on equipped weapon
  • Added code to handle player death
  • Added code to handle loot drop on player death
    • Loot box drops when player die
    • All resources from killed player gets transferred to loot drop and can be picked up


Started work on PRS – Player Respawn System


  • Added several resource nodes around the test map for resource gathering testing
  • Added Resource Spawners
    • When a resource node has been harvested, the spawner will respawn resource nodes in X minutes.


  • Added physics cubes to test simulated physics “netcode” between server and clients

Changelog [February 14, 2024]


  • Added new table for Tool Stats
  • Added new table to handle saving and loading player location in the game world
  • Renamed all table colums to meet proper naming conventions

Changelog [February 13, 2024]


Resource Nodes

  • Developmet of ResourceNode_BASE that will act as parent for all ResourceNode child actors created.
    • Added Resource type, Name, Description and Amount that can be set induvidually.
    • Added code to start resource extraction with the following actions:
      • Equip resource extractor and play animation
      • Start extraction + VFX
      • Add extraced resources to player Resource Stats
      • Unequip extractor and end animation
      • Remove Resource Node from gameworld

Changelog [February 12, 2024]


EMS – Equipment Management System

  • Weapon repair
  • Both Primary and Secondary weapon can now be repaired
  • Added VFX during repair sequence
  • Resource cost for repair is shown under weapons stats
    • Resource cost is calculated wit set amount multiplied by the weapon current level.
    • Added color codes for resources.
      • GREEN = Possess enough resources to start repair
      • RED = Missing resources to start repair
  • Added code prevent repair action being fired more than once until it’s completed.


  • Rewrote code to use variables from the possessed character instead of the actual equipped weapon.

Changelog [February 11, 2024]


Login / Registration System

  • Added in-game authentification system. Using VARest and My SQL Connection plugins.
    • Register user accounts.
    • Registered passwords are hashed.
  • Login.
    • Hashed password are never exposed.
  • Register character name.


EMS – Equipment Management System

  • Started work on in-game equipment system. Keybind = [TAB]
  • Visual statistics for weapons added.
    • Weapon name
    • Weapon level
    • Weapon condition
  • Added repair option for the primary weapon.

Player Stats

  • Added graphical representation for:
    • Shield
    • Health
    • Energy
    • Experience
    • Player level



  • Switch weapons with key bind [1] and [2].
    • Changes animation pose based on type of weapon.
  • Holster weapons with key bind [|].


  • Added VFX(Muzzleflash) and SFX.
  • Added Impact VFX when registering hit.
    • VFX changes based on type of materials hit.


  • Added VFX(Muzzleflash) and SFX.
  • Added Impact VFX when registering hit.
    • VFX changes based on type of materials hit.